We firmly believe that we can provide equal opportunities for all of our employees. We understand that the development of the group requires diversified talents and contributions. We consider that employment and promotion of employees should be based on performance and try to eliminate all forms of prejudice and discrimination. Our goal is to develop the talents of our employees, so that they can benefit from what they are doing, which is a wise way of developing business. The group is committed to creating a mutually supportive working environment for all employees, regardless of age, gender, gender orientation, sexual orientation, relationship, family status, disability, race, ethnic background, nationality, religion and / or political opinions. We firmly believe that we can create an environment for our employees to work at ease and make the best of their abilities. We try our best to integrate the principle of multiple integration into the employment related policies, and all employees have the responsibility to create a shared environment. This is a group policy that applies to all employees and all operating companies of the preferential group. The operating company may, in accordance with the principles of this policy, formulate its own diversified co-financing policies. Also, it is the responsibility of all employees to create an inclusive environment.