Career development

Our company has a perfect employee promotion and development system. Carry out the selection of reserve Sales in charge / Manager / Regional Manager / Store Manager twice a year, selecting qualified sales management personnel for the internal sales team of the company. At the same time, our company provides appropriate training resources for employees. For example, irregular sales skills, negotiation skills, office skills, driving training and foreign language training. Founded in Samoa in 2007 by Zujie Shi, Samoa Preferential Group is one of the largest wholesalers of food and general merchandise in Samoa. Its products are provided by manufacturers in the United States, Germany, Turkey, New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia and China. The company has mature sales channels, with 7 wholly-owned supermarket chains, Noni juice processing production and sales, automobile maintenance and accessories. The company adheres to the principle of " The secret of success lies in efforts". The company provides a platform for young people without background to develop themselves and show their talents. Through personal efforts, employees have gained reasonable returns and memorable life experiences. The development of the enterprise not only needs the efforts of the current employees, but also needs the new employees to inject fresh blood into the company to accelerate the development of our company. Our company and employees grow together to build a better future. We are looking forward to your joining us!