Samoa, which is said to be an emerald inlaid in the South Pacific, is located in the “Paradise Country” between New Zealand and Hawaii in the South Pacific. It is also the “Paradise on Earth” written by Robert Louis Stevenson of “Treasure Island”, the home of world heavyweight champion David Tua, Parker and Hollywood superstar Boulder Johnson.

Here is the strongest man in the world, there are many kinds of mixed-race beautiful women here, there are unique beautiful scenery and relaxed leisure life, this is the kingdom of Christ and the Garden of Eden that we long for.

Here-you can enjoy the first sunrise in the world, here-you can feel the color of the sea and the sky, against the mountains and the sea, where you will be melted into nature. The world is very beautiful, nine cents in Samoa.

We are waiting for you in Samoa, the island where we have lived in the Polynesians for more than 3000 years, waiting for you, let us share the charming charm of Samoa’s ancient culture and traditional lifestyle. We’ll tailor a travel plan for Samoa for you and there’s always something for you.